Clash of Clans June 2018 Update

Electro DragonThe Clash of Clans Tracker now has all of the June 2018 Updates

SuperCell has made so many changes in this update it would almost be easier to just list the things that didn’t change, but highlights include:

  • Town Hall 12
  • New Giga Tesla Town Hall Defensive Structure
  • New Electro Dragon Troop
  • New levels to virtually all defensive buildings at Town Hall 12
  • New levels to most Barracks troops.
  • New Clan Castle Level
  • New Level 13 Wall
  • New Storage levels for Elixer, Gold, and Dark Elixer
  • New levels for Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden

Given the large number of changes involved in this update, it’s highly possible that I might have missed an item, or entered a wrong cost or time for an item.  If you notice any discrepancies, please leave me feedback and I’ll get the problem corrected.

Clash of Clans December 2015 Update

Grand_WardenWe have incorporated all of the December 2015 Update changes into the Clash of Clans Tracker, including:

  • Town Hall 11!
  • Grand Warden Hero
  • Eagle Artillery
  • Minions Level 7
  • Witches Level 3
  • Freeze Spell is now available at Town Hall 9

As usual, please drop us a note if you find any errors or omissions so that we can get them fixed up as quickly as possible.

Enjoy the Tracker!

Boom Beach October 2015 Update

The Boom Beach October 2015 changes have been added to the Boom Beach Tracker.  We have Headquarters Level 21, and all of the new defense and troop levels as well.  We’ve also added the new Shock Mine for you new Headquarters Level 21 people.

We’ve also gone through and updated all of the costs and upgrade times from the Boom Beach Wiki for all items.

Enjoy the Tracker, and please let us know if we’ve missed anything, or if any upgrade costs/times are wrong.


Clash of Clans July 2015 Update

We have finished adding all of the new features from the Clash of Clans July 2015 Update:

  • Level 5 Dragons at Town Hall 10
  • Level 4 Dragons now available at Town Hall 9
  • Two Air Sweepers available at Town Hall 9
  • New Dark Spell Factory at Town Hall 8
  • New Dark Spells (Poison and Earthquake at Town Hall 8, Haste at Town Hall 10)

Christmas 2014 Update for Clash of Clans

We have incorporated all of the changes in the Christmas 2014 Update in to the Clash of Clans Tracker

  • New Elixir Drill at Town Hall 7
  • Second Elixir Drill at Town Hall 8
  • Giant Level 7
  • New Level 12 Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines

For our premium members, we have added the ability to save your preferred upgrade order on the Builder and Laboratory Queue pages.  There is a “Save” button at the bottom of each of those tabs that will save the order that you have set.  Next on the agenda is an interface to show the order that the Builder Upgrades will be assigned to each of the builders that you have available.

Boom Beach Builder and Armory Queue Tabs

Boom Beach Builder Queue Tab

Boom Beach Builder Queue Tab

I have finally enabled the Builder and Armory Queue Tabs for the Boom Beach Tracker.  This is a premium feature that I provide to all users who have made a minimum $10CAD donation.  The Queue tabs show a list of all available upgrades at your current Headquarters level.  The upgrades are sorted by the “experience ratio” which is just the experience gained divided by the time to complete the upgrade.  This should give you an indication of which upgrades give you the most experience over the shortest time, so you can get that Headquarters upgraded sooner.

Introducing the Boom Beach Upgrades Tracker

Boom BeachI have finally made modifications to the Tracker to work with SuperCell’s new Boom Beach game.  Now you can keep track of your Sniper Towers, Landing Craft, and Quarry, making sure you max out everything before upgrading your Headquarters to the next level.

If you have used my Clash of Clans Tracker previously, you can use the same userid to log in to the Boom Beach Tracker.

Those of you who have made donations to us will receive the same access to premium features in the Boom Beach Tracker as in the Clash of Clans Tracker.  Thank you for your support.

You will also find a button to log in to the new Boom Beach Tracker over in the sidebar on the right.

There are still some features I am working on, notably the Stats Tab, and the ability to set the number of Mines or Boom Mines you have.  If you find problems anywhere else, please do let me know about them.

Premium Membership Advantages

We have added some premium membership features to the Clash of Clans Tracker.  We wanted to provide some additional functionality to the site to provide those who have supported us with donations with some bonus material.  The basic feature set that exists today will remain free.

1.  Additional Villages

With premium membership, you can add additional villages to your login account.  There is a drop down box in the upper right corner where you can switch between your villages.  This feature is really just a convenience for premium members.  Free members can get the same functionality by registering a new account and logging out and in with the new account.

2. Work In Progress Tab

The Upgrades Tab shows you a list of all your builders and laboratory in one place so you can quickly see when the next upgrade will be finished.  Very useful for planning your gold and elixir requirements in the near future.  Comes complete with pretty progress bars.

3. Laboratory and Builder Queue Tabs

The Laboratory and Builder Queue tabs show you a list of all remaining upgrades at your town hall level.  These lists are currently just sorted by upgrade time, but, in the near future, you will be able to sort these lists and save your personal order for upgrading your village.  The sorting ability currently exists in the page, so give it a try and let me know if you experience any problems.  You can click and drag individual items to reorder them.  If you are on a computer, Ctrl-Click will select multiple items to drag.  The interface should warn you if you have put something in an impossible order (i.e. Hidden Tesla level 3 before Hidden Tesla level 2).

Automatic Upgrade to Level One

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

This is a pretty small update, but it has been bugging me for a while.  When you upgrade your Barracks, Dark Barracks, or Spell Factory, any unlocked Troops or Spells will be automatically upgraded to level 1.

Brought to you by the Incremental Improvements Department.