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Clash of Clans June 2018 Update

The Clash of Clans Tracker now has all of the June 2018 Updates SuperCell has made so many changes in this update it would almost be easier to just list the things that didn’t change, but highlights include: Town Hall 12 New Giga Tesla Town Hall Defensive Structure New Electro Dragon Troop New levels to […]

Clash of Clans December 2015 Update

We have incorporated all of the December 2015 Update changes into the Clash of Clans Tracker, including: Town Hall 11! Grand Warden Hero Eagle Artillery Minions Level 7 Witches Level 3 Freeze Spell is now available at Town Hall 9 As usual, please drop us a note if you find any errors or omissions so […]

More Highlighting Options Added

I’ve added more upgrade highlighting options. You can now highlight all upgrades that cost a specific amount of a resource. You can show all upgrades that cost 1,000,000 gold or all upgrades that cost 20,000 dark elixir, for example. This new highlighting feature works the same as the previous highlight by upgrade time feature. Tabs […]

100,000 Hits on the Upgrades Tracker

We have had more than 100,000 hits on the Upgrades Tracker website by logged in users.  Thank you for joining us and thank you for all of the great feedback you have left us. We are planning on rolling out some premium features in the next week that will only be available to those users […]

Builder and Laboratory Tracking Added

The Upgrades Tracker now has builder and laboratory timer support.  Instead of just hitting the “plus” button to move up to the new level, you can now click on the Builder or Laboratory buttons to add a timer that will countdown for you and increase the level of the item when the item is actually […]

Major Improvements in Upgrades Tracker Totals…

I was not calculating the cost to upgrade items that were missing prerequisites.  For example, at Town Hall 7, I was not adding in the cost to upgrade Golems to Level 2 until you had upgraded your Dark Barracks to Level 4.  This is now fixed so these resource and time costs are added in […]

Added missing graphic icons

I’ve added in the last few missing graphic icons: Witch, X-Bow, Inferno Tower, and all of the Wall icons. I think I have them all now, but if you see anything missing, please let me know either with a comment here, or through the feedback icon on the calculator. The images themselves, in case you […]

New Domain Name For the Calculator

We have registered a new domain name for the Clash of Clans Calculator.  Please update your links to point to: The old link will continue to work and should redirect you to the new domain name, but the new name is so much nicer.

Graphic Icons Added to Upgrade Tracker

I’ve added pretty graphic icons to the buildings, troops and spells in the Calculator.  Makes it easier to visually find the item you are looking for. Coming up next, I am working on a replacement for the long list of radio buttons for setting upgrade levels which is visually difficult to distinguish, and cumbersome on […]