Introducing the Boom Beach Upgrades Tracker

By | July 1, 2014

Boom BeachI have finally made modifications to the Tracker to work with SuperCell’s new Boom Beach game.  Now you can keep track of your Sniper Towers, Landing Craft, and Quarry, making sure you max out everything before upgrading your Headquarters to the next level.

If you have used my Clash of Clans Tracker previously, you can use the same userid to log in to the Boom Beach Tracker.

Those of you who have made donations to us will receive the same access to premium features in the Boom Beach Tracker as in the Clash of Clans Tracker.  Thank you for your support.

You will also find a button to log in to the new Boom Beach Tracker over in the sidebar on the right.

There are still some features I am working on, notably the Stats Tab, and the ability to set the number of Mines or Boom Mines you have.  If you find problems anywhere else, please do let me know about them.

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