Builder and Laboratory Tracking Added

By | June 3, 2014
Builder and Laboratory Tracking

Builder and Laboratory Tracking

The Upgrades Tracker now has builder and laboratory timer support.  Instead of just hitting the “plus” button to move up to the new level, you can now click on the Builder or Laboratory buttons to add a timer that will countdown for you and increase the level of the item when the item is actually finished upgrading in your village.

The timer will display under the Upgrade Costs column, and the Builder or Laboratory button will change color to indicate that an upgrade is in progress.  When you start an upgrade, the timer will default to the full amount of time to complete the upgrade, which is great if you go to the website immediately after you actually start the upgrade.

For most of us, who aren’t quite that fast, you can also manually specify the time remaining in the upgrade using the days, hours and minutes format that the game itself shows you in your village.  You can also update this timer at any time, if you find you were off by a few minutes once the timer gets down to less than a day.

Use the button at the top of the side bar to log-in or register for the Upgrades Tracker, or read more about the Upgrades Tracker.

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