Major User Interface Changes…

By | May 26, 2014
New Levels User Interface Buttons

New Levels User Interface Buttons

The radio buttons for setting upgrade levels are gone!  Check out the new and improved plus (+) and minus (-) buttons for raising or lowering the level of each Clash item.  Continue to press the “Update” button at the bottom to save your changes.  In the near future the Update button will be gone and updates will be autosaved.  This will mean less time clicking and more time for playing Clash of Clans.

Another cool feature recently added to the Update Tracker is the image changes now match the level of the item that you have just set.  For example, if you are upgrading your Gold Mines to Level 10, a level 10 Gold Mine image will appear for a quick view.

We appreciate your feedback and make changes according to our user’s feedback.  Give us a shout if there is a particular feature that you think would make the Upgrades Tracker better.  Enjoy and tell your friends to come and check out our site.  Clash On everyone…

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